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season 4

Donner and Axon investigate a meteor crash and discover military officers are preparing to transport pieces of the rock back to their home base. Major Vancha, Dr. Caird Mitchell and Private Gavin Rogers initially resist the OSIR's presence, but Axon insists that they are officially authorized to proceed with their investigation. With many unanswered questions about the crash, Donner and Axon wonder why the military is prepared to leave after just one day on site.

As the military convoy heads back to base camp, they encounter Dwayne Curtis and Eli Mercer - members of the fanatical group Purveyors of Liberated Faith (PLF). Though the PLF claim to be "apostles of the word," Donner knows them to be domestic terrorists. Now they are demanding access to the cargo in the truck, and take Dr. Mitchell hostage until they get what they want.

Inside the truck, Curtis finds a panel on the wall, pushes in a code, and throws a lever. Everyone watches in awe as a female figure emerges from a container beneath the rock samples. The PLF members fall to their knees in front of the woman, Ariana, whom they believe to be their god. Determined to deliver their "cargo" to Newport as commanded, Private Rivers turns his gun on Curtis. But Mitchell shoots Rivers, revealing herself as a traitor to the military.

As Axon escapes in the jeep with Ariana, Mitchell fires at him. As Axon lays near death, Ariana places her hand over the wound and heals him. Now he must help her to evade the military and the PLF - it seems neither side are the "good guys".

Back at the truck, Vancha tells Donner that the meteor that crashed had been carrying a passenger - Ariana - the most dangerous being ever to set foot on this planet. Ariana was subjected to several operations - to install a tracking device and to block her memory paths. With her power to heal and to destroy, a group like the PLF could use her and her powers to hold the nation hostage. Vancha's tracking device now indicates that Ariana is heading back to the crash site - to make contact with her people or to escape. He must prevent both from happening.

Ariana starts to recall the recent events - the crash to Earth, being probed by Vancha and Mitchell. She also remembers that she released an emergency beacon just as she crashed. Knowing her people will come to her rescue, she must now get back to the site where she landed.

The military and the PLF members are all hot on the trail of Ariana and Axon. Donner and Vancha track them to the crash site where Vancha reveals another horrible truth - Ariana has had an explosive device planted in her stomach. If she refuses to come back to base camp with him she will be terminated. The PLF members also arrive at the crash site. Both groups want Ar?a and are willing to take drastic measures to ensure she doesn't fall into the other's hands. Mitchell demands that Vancha put down the detonator or she'll shoot. Vancha threatens to detonate Ariana if Mitchell doesn't put down her gun. Will Ariana's rescuers get to her in time?